The risk determination supported by RiskMan derives from the characteristics of the enterprise. It shows the enterprise-specific risk characteristics through the evaluation of risk categories and risk variables. According to the risk of insolvency, which exists in enterprises, suitable measures are developed to stabilise the enterprise. The implementation of the procedure takes place on a one-day workshop and in several steps.

At first, the current situation of the enterprise is examined in an actual state analysis and existing risks are collected and evaluated from the viewpoint of the participants. After that the risk-absorption-potential is calculated and the probability of occurrence and the possible implication of arised risks is evaluated.

The result is a classification of the enterprise in a risk-chart. Furthermore, a target state analysis is developed, which is compared to the actual state analysis. After that, necessary measures in personal, technical and organisational areas are deduced from this comparison. The resultant detailed action plan conducives to secure the long term future of the enterprise.

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