NOWS is a use-oriented cost-effectiveness evaluation, enabling a monetary assessment of investment measures. Compared to classical profitability procedures, which are basically restricted to monetary terms, the NOWS as an extended efficiency analysis procedure considers costs and revenues as well as non-monetary terms like flexibility, costs of trainings of employees or absenteeism. The aim of an extended efficiency analysis is to quantify the effect of investment, which have to be performed, to competition key aspects, like product and process quality, customer satisfaction, market share, sales and profit as thorough as possible. 

The aim of this procedure is to make the costs and advantages transparent as well as to weigh up cost and utility functions and facilitate decisions. Therefore, the aims of an investigation are more precisely examined after a first extensive description, which effects the measures with regard to individual processes. Afterwards, the expected consequences are evaluated monetarily with the aid of experts by using concrete department related numbers of accounting. Finally, the monetary effects are categorised, evaluated and visualised with the help of the NOWS procedure.

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