The Customer-Provider-Workshop enables enterprises to get feedback from customers in a structured way. The results of the workshop are useful for an advancement of the customer-relationship management.

During the workshop weaknesses in internal processes are identified, the demand for action is recorded and improvement actions are documented. The workshop is prepared together with the enterprise. The Institute for Management Cybernetics identifies important key-customers and invites them to a meeting with the employees of the enterprise. The first part of the workshop is a panel discussion, in which the costumers cover their common experiences, success stories and situations, in which the teamwork became critical. The moderators of the panel discussion structure and record the experiences of the customers with the enterprise.

In the second part of the workshop the employees of the enterprise are asked to evaluate the experiences they had with the enterprise. As needed, customers may be excluded.  It is discussed which relationships exist between the evaluation of the customers and the processes of the enterprise.

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