Assessment of the Potential for Success

The approach of the Assessment of the Potential for Success is suitable to sharpen the economic assessment and valuation competences of individual employees as well as the enterprise as a whole. The approach is divided into nine stages and two levels. 

On the level of the real process of change a representative number of employees is included in an enterprise-assessment. Therefore, the enterprise is mentally structured into eight subsystems, which are evaluated by the employees with the aid of a partially structured questionnaire. The previously formulated target concepts, which refer to long-term business goals, are included in the formulation of questions.

The results of the assessment are integrated in the stages of the level of simulation. A group of about five persons, all belong to areas of the enterprises which are involved in processes of change, work with these results. A fictional investment-budget is allocated on the eight subsystems. At the same time it has to be estimated which results are expected with the virtual investment. Those will later be compared with the appraisements. Success-Potentials, which are not realised by now, will be identified by this comparison. 

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