The Business Game Q-Key is optimised for service industries and producing companies. Q-Key imparts and deepens not only knowledge about quality, but also advances teamwork by intensive advice. It is capable of raising the employee’s awareness for complex interconnected coherences of quality, time and costs, and also of thinking and acting in this environment. 

Five groups of players (consisting of at least 1-2 people) participate the game and each group is given the challenge of being in charge of one department in an imaginary company. The products, or as the case may be, services, should be quickly directed through each individual department with the highest quality and lowest costs possible. The route the products take through the department is defined as much by the throw of the dice as by the decisions of the players. If a player's product hits a 'chance' square, they must respond to a typical managerial issue in medium-sized businesses with a decision. The game is accompanied by a software tool that uses numerical data to illustrate the progression of the virtual business. With this it will become clear that the optimisation of individual departments can actually prove detrimental to the financial situation of the firm as a whole. Only optimisation across departmental boundaries will finally lead to increased business success

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