Project-Stock Market

In order to make the mood of participating employees more visible during projects, the Projekt-Stock Market affords an anonymous computer based instrument for the project leader. Supported by the Project-Stock Market he is able to see in real-time whether the employees are confident of the project or not. By observing the exchange rate falls the project leader realises in sufficient time if the mood changes. Thus, he becomes able to act as early as possible.

At first, each employee receives shares of the project as a start-up capital. With those shares one can trade during the opening hours of exchange. The "broker" with the most earned capital receives a bonus at the end of the game. Motivated by this, each employee involved in the project tries to obtain as much information as possible about the project progress, which improves communication between the project members. The teammates trade their share in an intranet-based software tool, which adheres to the anonymity of the employees and which is able to calculate the share prices in real-time.

The head of the project only has to track the stock performance and to act if the rate goes down, for example. Through Project-Stock Market,  the employees are more motivated trough involvement, and bad tempers, which jeopardise the success, are noticed as well. Steady working within the project and the project internal communication through additional playful ambition is guaranteed and increased. 

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