Research Group: Technical Cybernetics

Reseach Team: Technical Cybernetics

Research Group Leader:
Dr.-Ing. Stephan Printz

Research Focuses:

  • Mobile Robotics for Intralogistics and Exploration
  • Intelligent Planning and Control Systems for Production and Logistics Management
  • Closed Loop Control Systems

Short Description: 

Our research team “Technical Cybernetics“ is a part of the Institute for Management Cybernetics at the RWTH Aachen University. It’s research object are intelligent planning and control algorithms for technical systems. We focus on mobile robotics within intralogistic applications as well as process planning and industrial robotics. Here we address aspects of human robot interaction and collaboration. The main goal is to endow the respective technical systems with autonomy and situational awareness in order to achieve more robust behavior and an increased flexibility while at the same time simplifying the interaction with those systems. We therefore consider (multi-) agent technologies, closed loop control systems and visual servoing, and natural interface technologies. The research group also maintains the institute’s school labs.

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