Research Group: Economic and Social Cybernetics

Research Group Leader:
Dr. phil. Daniela Janßen

Research Focuses:

  • Development of methods to analyze business organization and organizational culture
  • Analysis and modeling of complex processes and organisations with the aid of system models
  • Business Model Innovations
  • Development of valuation methods to endorse decisions

Short Description:

The research team “Economic and Social Cybernetics“ explores cybernetic aims and methods in order to investigate and support complex sociotechnical as well as socioeconomic systems. In close cooperation with industrial and research partners, we develop holistic solutions regarding business organization and organizational culture, innovation management and strategic investment decisions. Our interdisciplinary team researches the interdependencies between technical, economic and cultural parameters from an economic, engineering, psychological and cultural science perspective. Our sophisticated approaches to the optimization of the trinity ‘TOP – Technology, Organization, People’ are directly converted and evaluated within the cooperating companies. The focus is on the analysis of organizations with the aid of system models and the development of valuation methods to endorse decisions e.g. for investment or reorganization schemes. Our interdisciplinary research includes the use of cybernetic tools such as System Dynamics, Viable System Model and Business Model Canvas. 

Current Projects:

Completed Projects: