Long Title: Automated assembly of large-scale parts under flow conditions
Runtime: 01.07.2015 – 01.10.2017
Funding Body: AiF e.V.
Consortium Manager: Christoph Storm, M.Sc., Werkzeugmaschinenlabor der RWTH Aachen University
Contact: Philipp Ennen, M. Sc.
Project Holder: Institut für Unternehmenskybernetik e.V.
Partner: MAN, ABB, Daimler, i3ac, Lemken, MAG, Platos, Promess, Protema, ProWerk, Schmalz, Venjakob, Werkzeugmaschinenlabor (WZL) der RWTH Aachen University
Project Website: www.fasim-xl.de

The Fasim_XL´s aim (Final assembly in motion for XL components) is the development of a system, which realizes the assembly of large components in motion by metrological support. The use of a global reference system (GRS) is one approach to shorten the strong uncertainty afflicted tolerance chain of the entire system. GRS enables the measurement of positions of the handling system and the product within submillimeter range. At the same time the process-related deviations in position of the product are determined during the movement and compensated by controlled actions of the handling system. Furthermore, an exact synchronization of industrial robots involved in large-scale assembly is required as the process forces in the components needs to be minimized. As a result, deformations and vibrations of the workpieces are prevented.