Dr. phil. Max Haberstroh

Max Haberstroh

Telephone: +49 241 80 91145

Mobile: +49 175 2970487

Room: D 2.21

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Max Haberstroh is a scientific researcher at the Institute of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (IMA) of the RWTH Aachen University since February 2008. He studied Sociology, Political Science and Psychology and took his PhD exam in Technical Sociology in July 2013. Since October 2013 he leads the research group Mobility and Logistics.

His main research interests include technology- and innovation analysis, transport research, intelligent transport systems (ITS) and intermodal transport. During his time at the IMA he was involved in projects like “development and analysis of the use of electronically coupled truck platoons (KONVOI)”, “vehicle safety systems for elderly drivers“ and “smart Innovations (Sinn)”.

Max Haberstroh teaches the interdisciplinary colloquium technology assessment and technology design. He also moderates several qualification courses at the Cybernetics Lab IMA/ZLW & IfU and supports the small-group exercises for “Informatik im Maschinenbau” (Info I) and the laboratory for “Kommunikation und Organisationsentwicklung” (KOE).



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