Our Members – Our Backbone

Our members are the most important organs of our research institute. Therefore, the general meeting, where our members can express their thoughts and opinions, is one of our most important events. With all of us positively committed to management cybernetics and the importance of research and development into management cybernetic processes, we are able to channel the institute’s aptitudes.

Our annual general meeting is always combined with an academic conference, which is dedicated to recent topics in industry and research. The rich programme of events that takes place offers the opportunity for members to network and exchange ideas. By means of an IfU Telegram and an Annual Report, members are regularly updated about the aptitudes of the IfU and are able to experience our research and innovation up close.

Advantages of Membership to the IfU:

  • Privileged access to conferences and meetings held by the IfU
  • Consultation for the aquisition of publicly promoted research projects
  • Information about the latest cybernetic research
  • Membership of a widely branching network
  • Receive regular IfU Newsletter