The IfU Network – Widely Dispersed and Highly Effective

The IfU is a widely networked institute. Our network is composed of different members from highly differentiated disciplines, and because of this we are in constant exchange with representatives from industry and research – inspiring both them and us.

Our network consists of:

RWTH Aachen University

As an affiliated Institute at the RWTH Aachen University we are in close contact with numerous institutes in and at the university.  For example, we regularly work with the Institute for Textile Technologies, the Research Institute for Rationalisation, and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology.

AiF Research Network

Linking the economy, science and the state for practical innovation. The member associations of the AiF (now exceeding 100) stand for research and development for the benefit of small and medium sized businesses.


All of the IfU’s research projects take place in collaboration with other businesses – our partners are often in the area of engineering but we also collaborate with partners in completely different branches. For example, hospitals, public administrators and numerous business consultants also account for our permanent partners.

Network of the IfU