Mission to Mars - The Daimler InnoLab

In October, the starting signal was given for "Mission to Mars" - the Daimler InnoLab. The innovative organizational development project, which is carried out by Daimler AG in cooperation with the Prof. Peter Letmathe (Chair of Management Accounting) and Prof. Ingrid Isenhardt (Cybernetics Lab IMA/ZLW & IfU) of the RWTH Aachen University, addresses a whole series of current trend topics. Already this summer, the search for suitable international "obnoxiously inquisitive" PhD students began, who started their journey to promotion in an unconventionally creative way, addressing questions of the working world of tomorrow as trend scouts, change architects and business astronauts - beyond the orbit of classical social innovation and organizational development. The work will take place at the Bremen location in physical offices, designed by the doctoral students themselves as well as in virtual labs in a cooperative interdisciplinary manner. According to project manager Simona Popisti and lead consultant Ritika Kochar, the agile InnoLab with start-up mentality is a mix of consulting companies, research institutions and co-creation community. Daimler AG advanced the project in times of high complexity and rapid changes, in order to be able to continue offering best change support internally as well as externally and in the long term especially for staying first choice as provider for organizational development for Mercedes Benz Cars. The InnoLab offers a platform for rapid change prototyping, a test track for large projects and change innovations before scaling and an innovative, sustainable OE product portfolio for testing new change environments and formats.

More information on the progress of the project can be found on the InnoLab facebook page. For further information please contact René Vossen, Managing Director of IfU e.V. and Research Supervisor of the project.