Japan is celebrating the title of the fourth world champion with the Carologistics!

On 30 July the Carologistic team from Aachen succeeded in a very exciting final in the international RoboCup Logistics League in Japan against the Team GRIPS from Graz with 58 to 28 points.  The Carologistics team is made up of scientists and students from the Cybernetics Lab (RWTH Aachen University, Engineering, Prof. Sabina Jeschke), the teaching and research area Knowledge-Based Systems (RWTH Aachen University, Computer Science, Prof. Gerhard Lakemeyer) and MASCOR
Institute (FH Aachen, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Prof. Alexander Ferrein).
Exactly 20 years after the very first RoboCup, it took place again in his birthplace Nagoya in Japan. And the Carologistics were not only able to inspire the technologically interested population by their robots, but also moderated their games partly in Japanese to the delight of the audience!

The team did not only prepare well for this year's RoboCup in terms of presentation, but also has developed extensively from a technical point of view. In the intralogistics scenario based on a "smart factory", which is concerned with the recognition of machines and the production of various complex products, machines have been equipped with special recognition features (augmented reality tags) until now. Here, the Carologistics achieved a breakthrough in the detection of the various machines without AR-tags. In this way, the team is able to recognize machines only based on images, partly even when the vehicle is on full speed and the image blurred. With this development, the team also won the first prize in the Technical Challenge category. For 2018, the team will increasingly focus on the gripping system so that products of the greatest complexity level can be produced safely.
For further information please contact Sebastian Schönitz M.Sc.