IFOY Award 2017 Winner – the mobile autonomous robot TORsten

IfU inside – the teleoperated platform TORsten of the company Torwegge equipped with "intelligence" build on the experience of the RoboCup Intralogistics League not only won the German Industry Prize on May 9 in the category "Intralogistics and Production Management", but also the IFOY Award 2017 in the "Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)" category.

The platform TORsten was developed by the company Torwegge GmbH & Co. KG, an established company in the field of conveyance technology from Bielefeld, to explore new market segments and expand the conveyor facilities portfolio. In order to evolve the mobile unit into a driverless transport system (FTS), the Cybernetics Lab was commissioned last year to apply its experience from the RoboCup and other robotics activities to the industrial product and to implement the autonomous operation of the mobile platform. The Southern German company SEW-EURODRIVE GmbH & Co KG participated in the project and contributed its know-how in drive technology to the project as another cooperation partner, who had already dealt with the development of driverless transport systems for several years.

The IFOY Award (International Forklift Truck of the Year) is an international award for products that have recently been introduced to the market and are characterized by their high innovative power as well as their market relevance, setting them apart from their competitors on the market. The jury comprised a scientific expert group and a specialist expert group.

Your contact is the project manager Christoph Henke, M.Sc.