Welcome to the Institute for Management Cybernetics

The Institute for Mangangement Cybernetics e.V. is an associated institute at the RWTH Aachen University. We explore and develop solutions for economic and technological questions in interdisciplinary teams. Generally, we attach great importance to industrial proximity and cooperation.



IfU - Neuer, erweiterter Vorstand

Die Mitgliederversammlung des Instituts für Unternehmenskybernetik e.V. (IfU) hat die Gelegenheit ergriffen, seine Vorstandsstruktur den im Laufe der letzten Jahre entstandenen Strukturen und Geschäftsfeldern anzupassen....[more]


Erfolgreich verlängert! Potenzialanalyse für Achtklässler die nächsten drei Jahre am IfU

Unter dem Motto "Lost in Paradise - Große Rettungsaktion im Regenwald!" führt das IMA/ZLW bereits seit Januar 2014 die Potenzialanalyse in der 8. Jahrgangsstufe erfolgreich durch. Mit einem neuen, von ZertSozial...[more]


3. Robotik-Weltmeistertitel in Folge in der RoboCup Logistics League

Das Team Carologistics (RWTH und FH Aachen) konnte in einem spannenden Finale der RoboCup Logistics League in Leipzig seinen Weltmeistertitel gegen das Schweizer Team Solidus souverän mit 94:26 verteidigen. Damit errang die seit...[more]


Logistics 4.0 - Transporeon Logistics goes France

What are the future trends in logistics? How are the current logistics processes optimized? What does the 4.0 era mean for logistics? Which phases will take course, and what are the key challenges today, in three or five...[more]


Robby Potter - Aachener Students Defeat Voldemort with Self-constructed Robots

The robot competition of RoboScope for students of the Aachen region entered its sixth round this year with the theme "Robby Potter and the Battery of Infinite Energy". The teams tried to win the Triwizard Cup with...[more]


Labour in the year 2035 - How does production in the automotive industry of the future look like?

In modern society, there is hardly an area not touched by digitalization: science, politics and economy as well as daily and working life of each individual are influenced by the opportunities and challenges of digitalization....[more]


Robots dancing at the Future Lab Gala 2016

The Aachen initiative project “Aachen Future Lab” was started with a grand gala performance on May fifth at the sold out Aachen city theatre. The initiative aims on enhancing the perception of Aachen as a unique site of science....[more]

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