Welcome to the Institute for Management Cybernetics

The Institute for Mangangement Cybernetics e.V. is an associated institute at the RWTH Aachen University. We explore and develop solutions for economic and technological questions in interdisciplinary teams. Generally, we attach great importance to industrial proximity and cooperation.



Launched: The IfU Potential Analysis “Rain Forest” reloaded

Matching the beginning of the new school year the "IfU Potential analysis for 8th grade pupils" was launched end of August. The project carried out over the past few years by the ZLW is now carried out with a more...[more]


“Innovationsforum Mittelstand” - Next round for the BMBF project InnoDigicraft

The technology region of Aachen is known as an excellent scientific location with a focus on mechanical engineering as well as information and communication technologies. Currently, more and more projects and young...[more]


IfU – New, extended executive board

The Annual General Meeting of the Institute for Management Cybernetics e.V. (IfU) has taken the opportunity to adapt its board structure to the structures and business segments that have developed over the past few years. The...[more]


Successfully extended! Potential Analysis for 8th grade pupils at IfU for the next 3 years

Within the gripping framework "Lost in Paradise - Large Rescue mission in the Rain Forest!" the IMA/ZLW has been successfully carrying out the Potential Analysis for the 8th grade pupils since January 2014. With a new...[more]


Third-in-a-row robotic world champion title in the RoboCup Logistics League

In a breath-taking final, the joint team Carologistics (from RWTH and FH Aachen) was able to defend their title against team Solidus from Switzerland with 94:26. This is the third championship in a row that the team, existing...[more]


Logistics 4.0 - Transporeon Logistics goes France

What are the future trends in logistics? How are the current logistics processes optimized? What does the 4.0 era mean for logistics? Which phases will take course, and what are the key challenges today, in three or five...[more]


Robby Potter - Aachener Students Defeat Voldemort with Self-constructed Robots

The robot competition of RoboScope for students of the Aachen region entered its sixth round this year with the theme "Robby Potter and the Battery of Infinite Energy". The teams tried to win the Triwizard Cup with...[more]

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